Friday, November 20, 2009

Spagetti Pizza!

First of all... It's Teresa's birthday on the 26th. Since I won't be seeing her on her birthday I gave her her gift on Friday (our fish n chip night).
Gift one was the portrait here, and gift two were some gingerbread men. ( Recipe here).They're her favourite!

I also thought I'd share a pizza recipe. I usually make pizza when we have leftovers and not much else. Usually turns out really yummy.

Please note: The way I make pizza is not an exact science. (I explain as I go...)



2 Cups flour
1 tsp yeast
1 cup of room temp water

Whatever you have... I usually use-
1 can of watties spagetti (I think it yummier than the bought pizza sauces)
Left over meat
Maybe something like capsicum or mushrooms (I had an avocado).


1. Put yeast into cup of tepid water and leave to froth (sometimes I add a tsp of flour and sugar to help it along)

2. Put flour into bowl. (may also want to add some oil and salt)

3. Add yeast mixture bit by bit untill a little sticky as I find this kneads the best. Add more water or leave some out for the right consistency. (This comes with practice).

4. Knead for 15 mins. Do it for the whole 15 mins. It's not that long and the yeast is worked through the dough and the gluten in the flour is released and makes the dough elastic.

5. Put in a bowl in a warm place with a teatowl over it and leave to rise for one hour.

6. This ended up making 2 pizzas! (but you could have one pizza with a really thick base)

7. Spread topping on. I usually quickly fry the meat and onion before I put it on.

8. Cook in a warmed oven @ 350 F , 189 C , for 15 - 20 mins.

9 . YUMM! Just like a bought one :)

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