Monday, April 14, 2014


So I'm sitting here at the computer just now, waiting to wake up, and Catherine comes up to me and asks me what 'ching chong' means. It's a racist term Catherine. "What's racist?" So I just spent the last minute or two trying to explain to Catherine aged 9 what racism is. I guess that's pretty cool aye? She didn't know. Well, we live in South Auckland, a melting pot of cultures. I don't know why I never explained this stuff to her before... it's just been christianity all the way I guess. I remember trying to explain to her what feminism is... but it just went totally over her hear as well.
Anyway, I thought I'd squeeze in a little blog post before I head off :)

I tagged my cousin in this image on Facebook by the way... he lives in Takapuna and I live in South Auckland.... gotta laugh.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

So I spent another couple of blissful days up on our bach roof, painting it. How come life's been so good lately? The pessimist in me says, don't worry, shitty times are just around the corner haha. But for now, life's good and I'll just enjoy it while I've got it.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Man! Finally finished the Doyle wall! All done in paint by hand... no pounces, (which are pieces of paper with the lettering all copied from an overhead projector).. nope, all marked up by hand from a 10% drawing. Can you tell I'm happy about that?

Speaking of happy. Man! Yesterday was the best day I ever had! I can't get over it. And I spent all day on a roof! So don't ask me why it was so good. It just was.

It's the roof at our bach. I took plenty of 'before' shots, but no 'after' shots, coz it was late and I had to shoot off. I hope to get it done by winter but who knows. At least I got all the rusty bits done and painted over, and I plan to do the rest a section at a time, coz I can only make it up there on Thursdays basically.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy St. Patricks day, in New Zealand!

Cyclone Lusi was a bit of a fizzer... we went in the parade... it rained alittle bit as you can see in some of the photos... Catherine danced. She didn't want to at first, but I made her and she was fine. We had a good day and even though I skipped church to go, God helped me in so many ways, like finding where to go when I have absolutely no sense of direction and would have wound up in totally the wrong place if other dancers hadn't turned up at  just the right time. Yes, God is with me in the drunken rowdy mobs of Auckland viaduct too. Hee hee. We may skip school next year too... it was fun.

Friday, March 14, 2014

So day one of the big cyclone. Someone put this up on facebook... I thought I'd share...

Just a bit rainy and windy really.
Hey, I just noticed they spelt 'will' wrong. Haha. Anyways...

For those worried about us here, not much to worry about really. I think other parts of the country got hit a bit worse, but as usual Auckland got off lightly.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Today's work.
It occurred to me 3 coats and 3 hours later that I could have done this part in vinyl in a fraction of the time, but oh well, I'm practicing a skill that not everyone learns these days, and plus, I think it will last longer in the long run.

Sewing late at night, but grateful for every bit of income that comes in. A friend gave me three jackets of take up, and I'm trying to do a really good job... coz they look really flash!!
She also wants me to reupholster a couch for her. I told her I couldn't afford the nightclass fees and shes offered to pay for my nightclasses. So that's cool. I imagine it will come off the price of upholstering her couch, but fair enough! So looks like my work is going to be very varied, which is cool. I like variety! 
And tomorrow I'm going to be trying to finish that big wall, before the bad weather sets in. Yup, still not finished yet! My van back door handle broke and in the end I had to get a new part in because my van is getting too old to get second hand parts. Poor thing! I'm going to need a new one eventually, but how? I'm really gonna have to trust God with that one!
And we're still hanging onto summer here in NZ. Starting to get a bit chillier though...