Monday, April 14, 2014


So I'm sitting here at the computer just now, waiting to wake up, and Catherine comes up to me and asks me what 'ching chong' means. It's a racist term Catherine. "What's racist?" So I just spent the last minute or two trying to explain to Catherine aged 9 what racism is. I guess that's pretty cool aye? She didn't know. Well, we live in South Auckland, a melting pot of cultures. I don't know why I never explained this stuff to her before... it's just been christianity all the way I guess. I remember trying to explain to her what feminism is... but it just went totally over her hear as well.
Anyway, I thought I'd squeeze in a little blog post before I head off :)

I tagged my cousin in this image on Facebook by the way... he lives in Takapuna and I live in South Auckland.... gotta laugh.

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dcpeg said...

I so wish we could live without racism. Too bad Catherine had to ask about it . . .