Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello internet!
Just been across the road this morning to visit my honey, Mark. Haven't shared much about him, but he's my next door neighbour so he's quite handy :)
And yes, we've moved the wedding forward to August the 16th. So only about 2 months or so to go.
I just had to jump onto my blog and share this though...
Isn't it nice to be loved? And cherished?
After all I've been through, do you know how it feels to have a grown man literally skip back down the driveway after seeing you off because he can't believe how lucky he is? Literally pinch himself because he can't believe he actually got you?
And to have a God who put it all together even though you were dead set on not marrying because you were convinced marriage sux and all men are arseholes?
And my wedding will be very symbolic and special, and glorify God to the max!

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dcpeg said...

I wish you every happiness! You deserve the best. Hugs!!