Thursday, March 20, 2014

Man! Finally finished the Doyle wall! All done in paint by hand... no pounces, (which are pieces of paper with the lettering all copied from an overhead projector).. nope, all marked up by hand from a 10% drawing. Can you tell I'm happy about that?

Speaking of happy. Man! Yesterday was the best day I ever had! I can't get over it. And I spent all day on a roof! So don't ask me why it was so good. It just was.

It's the roof at our bach. I took plenty of 'before' shots, but no 'after' shots, coz it was late and I had to shoot off. I hope to get it done by winter but who knows. At least I got all the rusty bits done and painted over, and I plan to do the rest a section at a time, coz I can only make it up there on Thursdays basically.


Mark said...

Wow, that wall really looks awesome. I'm sure the owner is happy.

dcpeg said...

Nice job on the Doyle building! Glad you took your camera up with you when you painted the roof --you got some great shots.