Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Interview with my Dad.

Here's an interview I did with my Dad for a school project. It always makes me smile when I read it. This was in around 1995.

Intro: Steven Eldrid Grigg (author of 'Oricles and Miracles') said women of that period (1930's-) worked hard at home all day while being told it wasn't work....
Dad: Nobody would have siad that in my family – that was a silly thing to say. People worked as a team, like half-back and five-eigths... they did different things but it still would have been regarded as essential – working in the garden, cutting the lawns, working for wages or doing the housework – it didn't make any difference, it was a family effort not an individual one.
Me: Did women ever chop wood, like in that song?
Dad: You're telling me they chopped wood.
Me: Did they? Did your Mother and Grandmother chop wood?
Dad: Yeah
Me: Really? Chopped wood with an axe?
Dad: Yeah, how else would they have chopped wood?
Me: Heh heh! I thought your Grandfather and father would do it.
Dad: Everybody did whatever needed doing.l In spite of what they tell you there was no particular division in those days – a father could help make clothes or anything and a woman could help chop wood or prune tree's or anything
Me: And the sisters wouldn't have been made to scrub the boy's boots?
Dad: They might have... they wouldn't have been made to. Older sisters would have cleaned little boy's boots. But the idea that women were some sort of slaves... and that the brother could say “sister clean my boots”... she'd probably tell him what to do with his boots.

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