Saturday, February 1, 2014

Crochet bracelet pattern, and stuff....

Me and my friend Linda are all geared to set up our little craft market at our church in April, so I've been a busy bee making as much as I can. I decided I needed some affordable little crafty things to sell and I came up with this bracelet.
If you can crochet, I'll give you the basic instructions here:

1, Using a ball of twine and a length of embroidery cotton, leave a tail (for tieing) then chain a length a bit shorter than your wrist.
2. Pull through the last loop and knot it (as pictured), then single crochet all the way back down the chain, leaving another tail, so both tails are at the same end. 
3.   Using embroidery cotton single crochet down one side leaving a length at the end longer than the tail.
4/  Do the same on the other side.
5.  Then plait the tail and two embroidery cottons together. 
6. Do the same for the other tail. Knot the ends. Knot the two tails together if you wish.


Also using this free pattern to make some little aliens/monsters. (Faces will come last :)


And me and Catherine were at the Auckland Folk Festival a week or so again. I paid $15 to get another hair wrap, except this time I was sneaky and watched her do it. So I did one on Catherine and it turned out pretty cool. I wont show you how to do it though, coz that would be stink!

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