Monday, February 17, 2014

...really high!

So I sent Linda a text saying "send me that picture of me up REALLY high!"... and then I got this. Geeze, it doesn't look high at all! But I was moaning and groaning the whole time... it just seems so much higher when youre up there!!
Anyway, slow progress on this wall, but getting there. Infact Ive finished the logo in the area you can see there and Im onto marking the last line of text... Yay!


And I've been back at Mum's for about a week now... and it's been ok! Being away at the flat must have been really good for me and taught me alot. I've put alot of boundaries in place I think, including my work life. My (old) next door neighbour has the spiritual gift of prophecy ( if you believe in that, which I do) and prophesied my business would do really well since I was taking a step of faith and flat out cancelling my benifet... and so far so good. I gave this quote for a van and pretty much tripled my usual price, and guess what? they still came back! Was not expecting that really.


And YAAAAAY! again! someone shouted me tickets to go see this guy. Daniel Walker author of God in a Brothel. I bought this for myself for christmas. Hes a kiwi guy who runs an organisation that rescues sex slaves out of brothels in Asia ( and the US too). There are 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today. More today than when slavery was abolished, and most of them are in the sex industry. 
His website is NVADER . Donate if you can... and pray!


And I'm working away at another dancing dress for Catherine. I'm tempted to post the preliminary attempts but I better not. I'll wait till I've done the draft pattern (and shown the teacher, coz it's all really serious you know).

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