Sunday, December 8, 2013

My goodness our garden is a mess... it's been literally 4 months since I've touched it. And insead of gardening I sat down briefly and took these photos.

Also ironically, it's summer in New Zealand and I put these snowflakes on the windows for Christmas!

Catherine was Mary this year in the Sunday School play too.

And I'm still taking photos of my pottery, in all its lumpyness!


dcpeg said...

As for your pottery, it's the process of producing that it so rewarding, whether or not it's useful, so enjoy.

I must admit it would be strange celebrating Christmas in warm weather although I'd be willing to try it. ;-)

Janney said...

yes, barbeques and days on the beach is a typical kiwi christmas here.. and yet we still send christmas cards with snowmen on them!