Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas is upon us, and I won't bore you with pictures of my christmas tree. I will however show you how I imbued our little flat with the spirit of Christmas cheer.

  I have christian neighbors so I'm sure they won't mind. Had something a bit more classy in my mind, but with an hour to spare, this is what you get.


And I write lists and lists and lists for things. I have a perpetual to-do list I keep adding to. (The Love Faith Hope stickers have been on it since last Christmas) and another thing on the list for at least a year has been to recover the inners of my pillows.

To gross you out, here are the remnants of before...

they actually look worse in real life.

And last night, since we are going to bed on time now, Friday night has became stay-up-late and do fun stuff night. For me fun is making stuff, so I spontaneously did something from 'the list' that's been waiting quite a while.

Now we have yummy white pillow inners that cost no more than $3 to recover.

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