Monday, December 16, 2013

now... not so busy!

So on Sunday I was preparing for the busiest week ever, wondering how I would get it all done before Christmas. 
Now... not so much!
I had this wall to paint and signwrite for my daughters dancing studio. My friend, Linda, graciously offered to help me with, which I really appreciated, coz it was a whole lot more enjoyable having someone to help out.
As you can see, we painted it, but the teachers decided that some of the boards need patching and nailing down before signwriting it... so now it's not an urgent, before-christmas deadline.
Yay! (it's sweltering hot and I get head aches in the sun)


Job 2. I had to do a creative project for this years church Christmas Experience. I was worried it was a bit too rough, but it'll be one of many projects so it may be ok. (That bottom rip will be cut off).

I find the flustered mum and the naughty/crying kids funny, and I just realised I get my sense of humour from all the Giles cartoon books I read as a kid.


And this is Catherine on Saturday dancing at the end of year School competition

Shed grown out of her dress a bit, but it  was alright... and she ended coming out 3rd in the beginners section! which I was not expecting at all!! Maybe I should give her some credit sometimes.

PS> Me and Catherine have designed her next years dress already! I'd put the sketches up but I don't want to give too much away... or maybe I will later on. We'll see.

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dcpeg said...

Hurray for Catherine! Wish I could have seen her performance -- love the dress.

Good luck with that huge sign. I know that, if anyone can do it before Christmas, YOU CAN!