Monday, November 4, 2013

Guy Fawks 2013

So I thought for a while there that if God wasn't providing for starving Africans, then he wouldn't provide for me. I mean, I not more important than them, am I?

So every time my self-appointed shopping day (Monday) came around, and I didn't have my self-appointed ammount I thought I needed, I self righteously pointed my finger at God with a big "SEE?".

Although, the thing is, I didn't really get to, even though I almost looked forward to it, because quite often the night before Monday, money would turn up, with a big "Humph! you win this round!" from me.

It stopped happening so dramatically when I realised that although I might not have my self appointed ammount on my self appointed day, I still had food in the cupboard, which still kinda qualifies as "provision".

Anyway long story short... I found out God's gonna provide. Well He does for me anyway. Still not sure why He doesn't for the starving Africans but that's another story.

So it finally occurred to me to write down each week all the ways that God turns up each week, so I can look back on it with a good story to tell.

For example, here's last weeks list of the things that turned up:

Catherines Dad gave me: $10 petrol. $10 cash. A whole roast lamb, rubbish bags, washing powder, tuna and mouth wash.

Nana gave me $20 for chopping wood. (which doesn't always happen, she just decided to this week and I don't ask for money or tell her we need it)
Nana also gave us some weetbix and tuna.

On Saturday we had Guy Fawks with friends (see pictures!) instead of buying our own which can cost at least $40, and also had a pot luck tea including a yummy BBQ, salads and desert!

On Sunday I helped out a friend a she bought me a sausage roll. (It all counts)

And this happens week after week!

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dcpeg said...

The Lord surely does work in mysterious way! I'm glad you're well looked-after -- at least most of the time.

Love your pictures, too!