Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I was chopping more wood today, and our neighbour popped his head over the fence and goes, "Who's doing some work? You chopping wood by hand? You're doing a good job!"
Of course I felt pretty good after that.
I don't know what it is about male affirmation, but it always makes me feel pretty good.
I can remember every time a guy has  complimented me on my work. Like the plumber who I heard asking my Mum if I was the one who signwrote Catherine's bedroom walls. Or my Uncle telling some accountant type people that I was a very independent girl. Or even the young guy who came in to fix our tap and said I'd done the right thing by wrapping some cotton fabric around the pipe thread.
And for some reason it means alot coming from tradesmen. I have such a high regard for them for some reason. If a hard working tradey tells me I'm alright, or even just gives me an approving look, I grow another foot!

Now the type I don't really like is the "christian" compliment. Especially when you hear sermons on how we have to encourage each other, and if you think someones a rat-bag, tell them they're great and maybe they'll live up to it. In fact it almost makes you angry to get that sort of "encouragement".

But I had a really awesome compliment the other day. A friend who was not trying to 'encourage' me, told me I was hard working!  That really meant alot to me. I don't think I've ever been told that in my life, and of all the compliments I could get, that would have to be one of the best!


dcpeg said...

You should be getting compliments hand over fist if people simply consider all that you can do! I'm happy that some are starting to notice and have enough courage to recognize your strengths.

Janney said...

thanks Peg :) that's another one to add to the list hehe