Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guy Fawks... on the roof!

Bought some more beautiful 70s pottery today at the Op shop for a couple of bucks a pop. It's making me really want to try out my potters wheel!
BTW, check out some lovely pottery pieces here from someone whos just started!

And a friend went to Bali recently and brought back that purple lava lava, so I put it on the wall. Slightly tacky? Doesn't really matter. I scored a 1 out of 20 for hospitality in a spiritual gifts text recently, so obviously I don't set my flat up to please people!

And oh my goodness. I think I've created a new tradition. Because I decided to save money and spend Guy Fawks night with friends (which they had on Saturday instead), when the actual night came along, last night (Tuesday), I told Catherine we would climb onto our roof to watch them! It was really just to add a bit of excitement so she wouldn't ask me to buy fireworks, and WOW! it WAS exciting and the view is amazing from our roof. Who knew? The pictures couldn't do it justice. Pitch black with lights and fireworks all over the horizon. And although it bucketed down with rain and we had to get down so we didn't slip on the tin (!) I definitely want to give it a go next year and if it doesn't rain try and get some decent pictures. 


PS. When I say "our house" I tend to alternate between meaning my Mum's house which I grew up in ), or my little flat which is just across the road from Mums.Just to confuse things!

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