Thursday, November 7, 2013

And Janet contemplates life again

Started working on some more bags. I'm trying out a smaller sized this time, think I've done enough of the big ones. Think the school holidays kinda got me out of the routine of making them so I'm slowly getting into it again. (Had a few signs jobs in the mean time to keep me busy though).

I also have an appointment with WINZ (work and income) next week and somehow I have to convince them i AM working... even though I don't seem to make much money. Prayers appreciated.
Or should I just go out and get some dead end job I don't enjoy? Am I just kidding myself with this work from home thing? I've never really been that successful with it. And am I trying to live a dream that's not really for me? What IS my purpose? Apparently everyone has one. So what's mine? What am I here for? (oh the imponderables!) And is money the assurance that I'm doing the right thing? (The old question,... does money = success?)
And what is the meaning of life?? , haha, jokes. (But really, what is it?)


dcpeg said...

I wish I knew the meaning of life, too, but I guess we're to keep guessing. At the moment, however, this is your time to raise your daughter the best way you can. You're doing quite well, so please accept praise for that. You've come a long way and continue to get better and better.

Janney said...

cool thanks...some days you just forget...