Monday, November 25, 2013

A sign.... and our dumb Government

Still chugging away at my sign but in typical Auckland fashion, although its summer and was sweltering yesterday, I had to come inside because of rain. And now that I'm sitting down to blog, I see it's sunny again!

Well, here's what I managed yesterday...

Here's what I managed this morning before the rain shower...

more to come!


And on a darker note. Here's what came in the mail yesterday

Yes. A referendum from our Government asking us if we support them selling 49% of our national assets.
We all know what's going to happen people.
It's going to be at least 80% against and they'll do it anyway.
Prove me wrong but voting them out doesnt do much coz whoever we get thinks they know better than us and does whatever they want. Theyll do this one for sure before we have a chance to vote them out anyway.

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