Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So now that it's official on facebook I can say my best friend, Teresa... is having a baby! That's a billion times more exciting than I can express.
It was also her birthday yesterday, and I made her these! Little onsies!
I love this pattern and I love the fact that I can make custome coloured onsies instead of the usual blue, pink or yellow kind in stores.

Pattern can be found here.


Here's my sign I've been working on...

Getting there!


And finally getting back into the garden again! So I can turn this

into this!


dcpeg said...

You actually made onesies?!! I've never had the courage to try. They look adorable!

Janney said...

well, the pattern comes with a really good tutorial! These are the second lot I've made, so practice also plays a part...