Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blogging break!

No, not a break FROM blogging. A break from my work while I sit down and blog. Lazy bum I know.
Phew! Marked out some lettering on some boards for our church's Christmas Experience. 
In 5 minutes or so I'll be painting it in.


And in regards to the industrial sewing course I'm thinking about taking, I did ring my uncle and he's prompting to be a bit cautious about spending the last of my savings on a course in an industry which may not have a job at the end of it.
So he's counciled me to do some research.
I've rung one company, and emailed another. Here is part of one email I got:

 I only hire very experienced and fast industrial sewing machinists and the standard hourly wage rate paid to these clever people is only the minimum wage of $13.75, not because I don’t value their skills (believe me, I do!) but because the industry (i.e. my customers, the designers, & ultimately their customers who can buy cheaper imported clothing) isn’t prepared to build higher wage rates into their costs.

So my uncle was right to be cautious but I am going to continue looking into it.

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