Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Like my new skinnies? They were $5 jeans I got from the Op shop which were bootlegs I sewed down the side. Instant skinny jeans. And you see my pointed foot? I always do that to show I did Irish dancing for 10 years, like, yeah-boi, I still got it... but really, I got cramp just taking that photo.


And spring is here in NZ, and our garden is bushy and beautiful. Some would say "overgrown"... I'm choosing to see the glass half full today and admire the daisies growing up in the middle of our vege patch.

And I just saw the weirdest thing before I came here. You can't really see it but there's a guy on the footpath jogging along... with a beer in his hand! I guess he's not jogging for health reasons then?


And after crooning over the Moon to Moon blog I went to the Op shop and got myself some beautiful 70s pottery. It's my favourite type of decor and reminds me of smokey folk gatherings from my childhood. 
Maybe I should have put some kind of photoshop effect on these to make them more Moon to Moonish..

and what about this one?
Does it look like that photo I showed you? I went to Mums and picked up an old sheet I bought from Trade Aid years ago and pinned to my wall above my headrest.

Well, maybe if I had made my bed first!

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dcpeg said...

Love your pots! Reminds me of some pieces I owned in the 70s. Wonder where they are now. . . .?