Monday, October 14, 2013

Were into our second day of school term again , but we had a really good holiday in the last 2 weeks. First we visited Teresa at her new home in Whangarei...

...then stopped off at Dargaville to visit the Lappins, old family friends.

In fact it was so good I've hardly been on Facebook at all since I got back. Just can't be bothered with it. I mean after being around this, who would want to??

And check out the beach on their doorstep. 

It goes that far in either direction.


But one thing about being back. I'm trying to perfect applique for when I make Catherine dancing costumes... so I practiced on a Super Hero cape for our church Light party.
And after basting it on (thanks for the tip Peg) it worked out really well! Actually I'm really pleased with it, and it only took two evenings, which is ok... worth the final outcome.

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dcpeg said...

I'm totally envious! that beach looks glorious and reminds me of "my beach" on Lake Michigan. Oh, how I miss it. . . .