Sunday, September 29, 2013

How I see myself

The way I see myself, when I'm alone, is something along the lines of this...

or maybe this...

Probably because I grew up close to my Dad and we had the same taste in movies and books. Old boys adventure books and westerns.

Then I met Catherines Dad, who wanted me to be like this...

 so I acted that way to please him. (That's not a photo of me by the way!)

But it's not who I am. I don't feel one hundred percent comfortable around men anymore because of that. I feel like I know what's on their minds... which I hate.

And I can't relate to the women who don't feel like women coz they can't have kids. I just don't get that.( I have XX chromosomes... I'm a girl!!) or like that Fleetwood Mac song... "make me a woman tonight"... like EW! having sex is gonna make you a woman? Yuck. Can't relate.

I hope one day I can shed some of the garbage that was forced onto me in my twenties and just be who I am.


(Did I mention evey time I chop wood I feel like this guy?? I LOVED that movie!!)

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Mark said...

Here's hoping you can shed that garbage.