Saturday, September 28, 2013


I love New Zealand, but I've heard it's one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Especially the food. We are a rural country. We have more sheep than people and yet we pay through the nose for Lamb, and milk..holey moly... over 3 bucks for a bottle? My friend went to Europe and said you could buy massive cheeses and bottles of quality wine for next to nothing in Italy. And the rent....Im in a little brick 2 bedroom flat and I pay $320 a week! It's not even nice and I'm not even allowed to put a nail in the wall without my landlords permission. Like, literally... it's in my contract. Did I mention I get inspections every 3 months? They come in and take photos. It sucks.
Which leads to complaint number 2... the regulations in New Zealand have gone crazy!! You can't do anything without a permit. It's gone to the bloody extreme. We  on't even be able to paint our houses without a permit soon. We definitely can't even put up a blimmin fence now without one. The guy I picked up my potters wheel said, "We won't even be able to take a s##t without a permit soon".

Which leads my mind to wander off to other countries. Are there really artistic type people living in little flats for next to nothing, where they can stick things in the wall , or even paint it, and the landlord doesnt mind? Where you can live like this???

Image from Moon to Moon.

Oh my gosh this is SO   ME! This is from the Moon to Moon blog. Honestly, sometimes I want to cry when I see some of these homes. And I don't get teary easily... like right now I can't even remember the last time I cried, but these pictures choke me up. This is all I could want and more. I've already told God that when I die and go to heaven I want to go live in a Hippy comune, and have a bohemian existence.

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dcpeg said...

Your complaints are totally legitimate! I can't imagine having our apartment/flat inspected every three months. What has happend to privacy?! That kind of stuff is way out of bounds!