Friday, September 27, 2013

Well, Spring is here in New Zealand, and my cuttings have taken root over winter! This is four twigs from a pretty miniture rose that are now budding.

I see other blogs, mainly the US really, talking about Summer ending. I started following a blog by a girl who LOVES winter and relished the first day of snow. Shes actually a kind of clairvoyant - mystic type person. As a christian I would class her as "New Age"... but she wouldn't label herself that. It all goes in conjunction with a friend I met up with recently who has left the Christian faith. In her words, now she is happier, less judgemental, feels less guilty and more free. Say what?  And as I read that blog I mentioned, she also experiences the beauty in life... snow on the skin, wind in the hair, the different flavours of food.
Well, why shouldn't I be experiencing all that too? I want to experience beauty, and peace, and enjoy simple things like lying in bed and listening to the breeze outside while the morning light flickers on the wall. Shouldn't the christian have all the joys and simple pleasures in life too? I'm going to make a serious effort to take a leaf out of the New Age book and enjoy the things I love.


Here's a spider plant I took from a 'baby'. It's grown a wee bit over winter. I plan to put it here eventually..

...a long term project.


And guess what? In complaining I didn't even loose a kg in The Biggest Looser, I ended up coming 3rd place! Yippee! (Money!) I want to buy some beeswax and stuff for making homemade lip balm, so maybe I ll put it towards that


And after spending all winter collecting our toilet rolls it's time to put them to use and start planting seeds for the coming season. These are all filled with seeds I saved from plants... marigolds, capsicum and parsley. So I don't know how these will go.
May go to the Plant Barn today and get some more potting mix and seeds.

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