Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No sugar diet, part 2

Well 8 weeks ago I joined The Biggest Looser at church and so ends my eight weeks without sugar. I totally thought Id blits the competition. I mean, c'mon... NO SUGAR. And guess how much I lost? A measely 0.4 kg. Yes... point four of a kg. Not even 1 kilogram.
Now I ask the question... the 8 week challenge is over... but I have formed some good habbits. Do I continue on because no sugar has got to be good for my body, or do I go back to sugar in my tea, chocolate and sugary cereal because it's yummy, comforting and I didn't even loose a kg, so what's the point dammit?
I'm thinking half and half. I little bit of sugar here and there, but stick to hot cups of water in the morning and no sugar in my tea (milo). Even if it doesn't show on the scales, a low-sugar diet is probably good for me in the long run.

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