Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yay! I made it a whole week without any processed white sugar... except when I realised too late the peaches I ate had sugar syrup in them, and I was too frugally minded to chuck them out. I entred the Biggest Loser at church too. I hope I do well.


And this is a picture I took in  a moment of self pity, planning to blog about how much work I have to do on my own (as if I'm the only one!). Now, in the cold light of day I realise... talk about first world problems!!
"Poor me!! I have too many kitchen appliances to wash!!!"


In regards to the cot we got in the hard rubbish... I thought Catherine would be sick of it after one night,but nope! shes still happy as larry, sleeping in there every night!


And speaking of things we picked up in the hard rubbish... I needed a broom for our carport.

I found this...

which I'm planning to tape to the handle of this...

(the worn out rakes you can see ) and make a new broom!

This makes me happy. :)

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