Tuesday, July 23, 2013

no more sugar?

Well, we sure ain't vegetarians this week. I follow a blog called A different Perspective. A Kiwi guy and a christian who also happened to loose alot of weight.
Here is his free ebook on how he did it.
Long story short, he cut out sugar and white flour. He got the idea from a You Tube video that I have come across a few times on the net.. called Sugar, The Bitter Truth. Basically it proves that processed white sugar is actually a toxin and didnt even exist untill the 1800s. Our consumption has been going up and up along with our obesty rates.
 Im not overly concerned about my weight, but discovering that sugar is akin to a poison, and that it only takes a week to overcome a sugar addiction... well, I'm giving myself a week of sugar free eating.
Baby steps.

Instead I had bacon and eggs fried in fat. Oh my gosh I felt like I was giving myself a heart attack! Was YUMMYYYY though!!

(This was no my bacon and eggs btw. I stole this from the net)

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