Sunday, May 5, 2013

loo paper

Thankyou Pak n Save!!! Well... thankyou Jesus I guess.
For my $20 food budget this week I got a MASSIVE bag of pototoes... omgosh, enough to live off for the whole week if we had to. How to cook potatoes.. oh let me count the ways...
a massive packet of bacon, which I wrapped individually in bread bags I had saved, then froze!!
and a massive bag of loo paper which will last a while ... all on special this week!!!

WHY would I brag about loo paper you ask?
Well, I used to live with a girl who was pretty much in my position. A solo mum on the dole, with a kid to raise... and she never had loo paper!! or light bulbs half the time... or sugar or milk for a cuppa, but if she had money left at the end of the week she'd order home delivered pizza....CRAZY!

So I told myself I'd never do that. I always have light bulbs... and loo paper!


And now that I really do have to save money,and not just pretend...
I'm having second thoughts about my newspaper duvet inner I want to make.

I've collected the paper....

...but don't want to waiste the poplin on the cover, even though it's only $3 a metre.
And I get the feeling ... it just wont work... really , I mean, it's gonna be stiff and make alot of rustling noise in the night!!!

Might still give a go though!


Oh yeah, and I made my neice a cake.
Happy 10th birthday Aziza :)

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