Monday, May 6, 2013


How come when I decide to make bags, which should be fun enough, all of a sudden I can't wait to get into the garage and start making tatting shuttles??
Maybe I should just embrace it, instead of wondering whats wrong with me!


No money for new slippers? No problem! Make some!!


Now I have enough potatoes to last me 3 weeks.... last nights dinner was... Potato fritters!

4 potatoes mashed
2 pieces of bacon diced and fried
2  Tblsp of chopped tomatoes
herbs from garden
flour to bind

mix and dip in bread crumbs
(which I made by toasting some bread and hitting in a plastic bag with a rolling pin)

Fry them!

Too much time on Pinterest made me think I was impoverished because I needed a whole new set of PJs.... when all I really needed to do was mend the old ones! You can barely see the mend anyway!


And Im back into gardening after the drought we had in New Zealand. It's time for cuttings so I've got rose cuttings, lavender, daisy,  and geranium cuttings. Also cabbage seedling which came up in only 3 days! I planted them in toilet rolls which go straight into the garden.


As you can see I'm trying to make the most of my internet time too, because I basically can't afford internet either, but I'm on a contract so I'll get charged if I leave/change providers. Plus any minute now Ill change my mind and start to advertise hard out for signwriting work and Ill need my email. But at the moment I've discovered I can survive on very little and i'm lovin it!

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