Monday, April 29, 2013

the little things

This ANZAC day I finally got around to sanding down a chair a found on the side of the road. Just got to mend the leg now... then undercoat and paint it black ... and I'll have another chair for my flat!


Mothers Day soon... and this is my early presant. Thanks Catherine! :)


I made this cake for my friend Audrey. Sometimes it's the little things that mean alot. I didn't think they'd make a big deal of it but they were rapt. It was something simple for me...but something really special for her.


Can she do it? YES SHE CAN. This is the 3rd week I've only  had  $20 to spend on groceries.
(This is really just for me to look back on)
8 pieces of chick thigh
5 apples
2 Litres of milk
One packet of bun
Rubbish bags.


...although  I cheat a bit. Catherines dad gave me $5 and my mum usually gets me something on shopping day. But STILL!      :o)


Mark said...

As I was opening your blog I was thinking to myself, I wonder what she is working on this time? And there it was, a chair overhaul. Great. Make sure to post pic of finished product.

Janney said...

Cool! hope I remember! it's taken 6 months to get around to starting it... hopefully I keep going with it though :)