Sunday, May 26, 2013

For myself... to look back on.

I've stopped telling people I only get $20 for groceries at the moment, coz I always get the pity response... or they give me something, which makes me feel like a pauper. Untill I told my old bible study teacher the other night, who also happens to be a doctor. A real one... a  GP, who just said
"Janet.... youre AMAZING".... which is worth ten times all the money or food you could buy, dont you think?

But in order not to worry you... we get by. Here's our Friday meal.

And the only reason theres no greens on the plate is that it was cold and raining so I didnt go cut us a cabbage from the garden. Otherwise, we would have.


PS. great news! Someone from the US purchased 5 of my bags in one go!! I'm stoked!!
(here's my shop).

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