Monday, May 27, 2013

oh, rain on the roof... winter is here!!

Remember this? 50 metres of bubblewrap? Well, the first day of winter is here, and I bubblewrapped my windows!! Just for extra insulation you know, coz our flat is an icebox in the winter!!

If you want to do it... easy as pie. Measure window. Cut to size (I used a book to get the ends square), then just spray the window with water and it sticks on!!).

The only thing is, it makes the room a bit darker. But we never got around to getting net curtains, so we have a bit more privacy now.


Plus... still chugging away at my bags. I've been greatly encouraged lately. I had another purchase from someone at church, someone on facebook is keen to get another one, and I woke up this morning to find one of my blog readers had purchased one!! (You know who you are....THANK YOU!!)


Also... I've made 4 of these babies for Catherine to wear under her uniform this winter... and 2 more to go. They are a merino blend and only cost me $1 each to make!!
I want to put pattern and instructions up soon.

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