Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting the ball rolling

Check out the before and after! And I credit myself for getting the ball rolling. Sometimes it just needs a set of fresh eyes to think "Geeze that fence is ugly". 
Well, I asked my landlord about 5 months ago if I could paint it. Never heard back, so a week ago I got out the wire brush and just started doing it on the sly. Naughty I know, but I'm scared of people including my landlord. But I shouldnt have been because my neighbour came out and said "Youre doing that by hand??? I've got a waterblaster!!!" and proceeded to waterblast the whole thing the very next day. He also said the landlord should at least pay for the paint, and rang her. Apparently shes a little old lady (and noone to be scared of) and the very NEXT day I found 2 big buckets of fence paint on my door step.
So  VOILA... lovely new fence to look out my window.

And speaking of getting the ball rolling, my OTHER nieghbour, as soon as he saw me painting the fence, went and painted the garages! I don't have a before and after sorry, but lets just say they were pretty grotty too.... I'm not sure about those flurescent pink numbers he did though :)


And something totally unrelated. Catherine turned 8 on the 2nd of January and since shes decided shes a tom-boy after I read her the Famous Five, she asked for a soccer ball birthday cake


dcpeg said...

Nice work on the fence and very generous of you!

Janney said...

You reckon?I was hoping I wouldn't get in trouble... but I guess she can't complain if I paint the fence!