Friday, December 28, 2012

You know what? We really need to forgive. EVERYONE. From our hearts. In the Lord's Prayer we say "forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin agianst us..." meaning "Forgive US Lord, only to the degree we forgive others". Scary stuff. We need to be obedient, because God is impartial. He has no favourites. He loves us but He is a just God and means what He says. In a You Tube vid I watched recently a Pastor died and was told he was going to hell. When he said "Lord...I'm a believer! I'm born agian!!" the Lord said, you didn't forgive your wife, and he knew in his heart that Jesus was right. He'd held unforgiveness in his heart and he knew he was going to hell! We need to take God seriously!! (The Pastor lived by the way).
I recommend you watch a few of those "gone to hell and back" videos on You Tube. I have realised that I can't cherish sin in my heart... God is real. Hell is real. I want to go to heaven even though I dont deserve to go there... I REALLY want to go there. So I'm trying to keep a clean heart before God... with the Lord's help of course.

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