Friday, January 18, 2013

Tummy cleavage

I have no clothes! and this is how I look half the time... because 1. Low waisted pants are the fashion now, and 2. for the past few years I havn't had the patience to try my tshirts on, so I just grab what I would consider a large size and hope for the best... ending up looking like I've squeezed into something of my skinny sisters (if I had one).

But I also have no money. Like none. So yesterday I used some material I bought for 3 bucks and made these...

they are ridiculously high-waisted, so no tummy spillage.

I also have plans to make some tshirt kinda things that cover my tummy. I have drawn some pictures and I'll see what I can get at the clearance outlet for say another 3 bucks. Well see how I go because I'm also planning to make some sunhats from scrap for the Folk Festival... which is on Friday... YAY!

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