Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lesson learnt

Well, what can I say? I am extremely happy in my new flat. So much so that I don't have much to blog about. I can just mooch around there, enjoy the solitude and get this... I can tidy the whole flat in an hour! I mean it's done...at mum's it was just an unending battle. So it's like, I AM happy. I don't have to create some artificial happiness existing only in blog land. But I will still blog...
I still come here..my computer is still in my old room and I come here to work, but I can go back to my flat (which is literally across the road) and have my very own space. And it's dumb because Mum now gets her house back and gets to do her own cleaning again...only now I realise I should have done this year's ago! I just thought it was my God given duty to stay and look after her, but no... she's fine on her own! And I learnt a valuable lesson which I hope I won't forget. Some times when you have a God given desire to do something, you have to step out and do it... and only then will God confirm you made the right choice. I mean, I waited for 5 years for a sign I should leave.... didnt get one... just decided to do it anyway and God confirmed the decision the very next day in my quiet time. Next time I hope I'm more willing to step out and trust Him a bit more.


dcpeg said...

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to listen for messages. We want so badly to hear one that we don't allow our minds the time and space to let them in.

I'm so thrilled that you're loving your own space! You remind me of me when I moved into my first apartment. I was nervous but so excited that it was MINE to do WITH as I pleased and WHEN I pleased.

As the saying goes: You Go, GIRL!!

Luarna said...

I'm so pleased, you sounds so at peace. Liek the cushion too. Very 'folkie chic' (sheek)