Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Know any good books?

I don't know if it's my new environment or what, but in the last few days I've just had this real desire to read a novel. Like a really GOOD one. So off I trotted to the library today to check out what's out there. And there were shelves and shelves of novels all promising me that they would be the most riviting thing I read this year. I flipped through a few of them, and I still find that the modern authors bore me. And one word sentences still annoy me. Really. So I grabbed someone tried and true off the shelf... an old Sir Walter Scott novel. But no! I  thought. I want a really good, MODERN novel to read. So in the end I've picked a book by an author named Josephine Cox called Midnight. It seems ok so far. It's about a guy who has nightmares. It's sposed to be riviting too. Maybe a should google Oprah's book list. She seems to find books that are blindingly life changing. Well, I'll settle for good anyway.

Oh yeah... and here's what I made the other night. I call this my "Poor man's Stir Fry". Yup. I used the left over bread! Catherine hated it to be honest. She said it was too oily... but that can be remedied!


dcpeg said...

I've been enjoying romance novels this winter. Now that I'm temporarily deaf and mute (upper resp. infection) I've been reading like mad. "The Old Mermaid's Tale" still stands out as a winner in recent memory. Romance and adventure all in one!

Janney said...

Thanks Peg! I've been meaning to scroll back through your blog and look at some of your book reviews too :)

dcpeg said...

Bless your heart! Count yourself lucky that I don't blog about everything I read. BORING!

If you've never read
"The Thornbirds" (I know, it takes place in Australia, not New Zealand) you should. It's one whopper of a story and wonderfully written.