Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to make a 6 panelled skirt, size 6 child.

 My daughter is taking drama classes at the moment, so here is a very theatrical skirt, it's pattern and it's tutorial.

The pattern is in pdf, and can be found here. Print out the 6 A4 sheets, cut out the rectangles and tape together, then cut out the pattern pieces.

Step ONE: Cut out the pieces. There should be 6 skirt panels, 6 pieces for the frill, and two waiste banc pieces.

Step TWO: Place the frill pieces together and sew into one long strip, then sew remaining edges together to form a circle. The pieces are sewn short sides together as shown.

Step THREE: Sew the panel pieces together by placing right sides together (that means the side that's going to show outside), and with the short ends all at the top, so the skirt flares out at the bottom. Here are four pieces sewn together. All six need to be sewn together, then the first piece and the last piece sewn together to make the skirt.

 Step FOUR: Turn the pieces over (you should have two pieces now.... the skirt piece, and the frill piece) and iron the seams flat.

 Step FIVE:  Pin the frill to the skirt. Do this by pinning right sides together... pin so the panels match, then gather the rest into a frill.

Step SIX: To attach the waiste band, sew the two pieces together to form one long band. Then pin to inside of the skirt, wrong sides together.

Step SEVEN:  Fold over waisteband to the front, tuck under a 10mm seam and sew down, leaving a gap in the front to thread through some elastic. To thread elastic through, attach it to a safety pin and push it through the waiste band. Tie the elastic in a knot, then sew down the gap if you wish.

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