Thursday, September 15, 2011

Me and Sunny Bill

Well, Sunny Bill Williams has been doing alright at the World Cup as an All Black. He used to play Rugby League (yes, there's a significant difference), but swapped to Union to play for the elite All Blacks. He's also trying his hand at boxing too. He's an allrounder.
Even more so, because last night I joined the Doyle Academy of Irish Dancing and he was there!! yep, dancing around. We competed with spring 23's and I gave him a run for his money.

Man I love my dreams sometimes!!

This World Cup is having an effect on me!


Mark said...

I think I saw the U.S beat someone today...or was I dreaming? ave any kind of chance??

Janney said...

Oh yes Mark, the cold war all over again... Russia and the USA. The Us won 13-6. (And everyone was saying how cool the two countries can come together like this now, so I was just joking about that :) )
Here's the official world cup site

dcpeg said...

What a hunk!! Couldn't care less about the games, but that is one fine man!

Janney said...

Yeah, well there's alot of girls think so!