Friday, September 16, 2011

and cupcakes too!

Catherine has had here cousin stay the night Friday, which is a big step for us, and it may be a permanent fixture now, an even bigger step! If you know me, I'm a bit people-shy, but the two have been getting on like a house on fire, and cuzzi also participated in Faithbox, as you can see from the photo, Catherine is modelling beautiful exquisite purple fabric, or without the use of your imagination, a newspaper frock. (Cuzzi had a photo shoot too, but for obvious reasons I wont put her on my blog)And it's really to my advantage to look after cuzzy for a day a week... coz looky what I made today! Usually a pipe dream until now that I could ever do something like this without Catherine interfering, or that I'd even have the energy being Catherines primary source of companionship on the weekends.
Just have to try to keep my composure a bit more in front of cuzzy so I don't look like the immature 32 year old I can be sometimes!

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