Monday, September 12, 2011

Flip, the learning curve continues. My uncle got me to type out a contract and get the panelbeater to sign it. (Refer to last post, he's had my Datsun for a year now....). Anyhow, he did. It says to have the car ready by Friday. But he's so manipulative, he crossed it out and wrote "approx 18th". (which is Monday.... approximately). Well, my uncle's coaching me. He's told me to go visit every day untill then and keep asking questions... "what's been done? How come that cars been done and not mine?" "What are you doing on it today?" "I thought you told me yesterday that such and such w ould be done". In short, get them to the point where they think "what a horrible woman! lets just get this car out of here!" and then I've won, apparently. I guess that was my problem. I'm looking for friends in all the wrong places. I didn't want them to think I'm horrible! But I can't tell you the number of times I've been taken advantage of because I don't want to be horrible. But since I saw how he reacted when I pulled out the form, I can see he's not as docile as he seems... he seems to know the ins and outs. He kind of cajoles you into accepting his terms and makes you feel stink if you stick up for yourself.... well, not if your a massive Polynesian man. There cars are done straight away... only if your a lone woman turning up by yourself.


dcpeg said...

MEN!! Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em. It's so unfair when they take advantage of a woman, particularly when it comes to car repairs/maintenance. They know they've got most of us at a disadvantage. Good luck!

Janney said...

Thanks Peg. I'm going in again today. They said the paint would be done by today and buffed on Monday, but we'll wait and see!