Sunday, September 11, 2011

Slowly but surely (hopefully).

Well, my Uncle's been helping me out.... again. "You're good at this Janet" he says.(As in, good at getting myself into trouble) "You need to go and study small contract law at a nightclass somewhere". What did I get myself into? Well, I've had this Datsun of mine in the panelbeaters for a year now.
I thought I would have it back in a week.
Every few weeks I've been going in. 'It'll be ready in 2-3 weeks" they tell me. I leave it a while. Nothing done to it and they tell me the same thing again. And I can't take it out because I've already paid $2200 for it.
Now, it's been winter, so I actually haven't minded having it in a nice dry workshop. But a few weeks ago I decided I wanted it for the summer. So off I went to Citizens Advice Bureau... a service we have to get free advice on things like this. She told me to tell him to have it ready in 2 weeks or I'll be off to the small claims court. Well, I told her I had an uncle who could ring him up, and she said, yes, try that first.
So my Uncle rings him up and he tells him it'll be ready in a week.
Well, it wasn't. He told me some line that it would be painted on Friday and it would take the weekend to harden. Well, the photos show how much was done this morning. Only partly painted, and my uncle said hes treating me like an imbecile because I told him I'm painting my van at the moment so I know the paint is touch dry in 5 minutes, and ready to sand in 80mins. My uncle says I need to speak up about stuff like that and let him know I'm not an idiot.
Anyhow. My uncles advice is to visit him every day and apply a bit of pressure. So even though its a bit embarrassing , that's what I'll be doing. And I'm going to have to be strong, because hes asking me for about $500 more, even though I've already paid him $400 more than he quoted.
Time to stop being the world's biggest doormat I think.

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Mark said...

Oh yeah, you have to go beat that guys door down until he lives up to his part of the deal.Good luck