Friday, April 15, 2011

Yay, school holidays... yippeee! Well, so far good anyway, said the man as he fell past the 32 story. Normally Catherine and I drive each other up the wall, but I'm planning to do one outing a day for Catherine, and also not feel guilty about locking myself in my room if I have to.

Also, check out the car!! I was sure it was going to be a disaster. I'm way too pessimistic. It went well. Even applied the picture of the dog fine! It's the first time I've ever moulded an image over curves - I didnt know what to expect (different vinyls react differently) and was REALLY nervous, but it went good. Yippeee to that too!

And I said I was giving up my signwriting business earlier this year, so when this enquirey came in I quoted a really high price, expecting them to reject it, but they accepted it and I got a really good price for my work for once.

It's raining today, and I'm taking Catherine to the indoor pools. No work on the horizon so I'm looking forward to being a Mum for the holidays.


dcpeg said...

WOW!! Great job, Janet! You should go for a contract with the local commuter bus company to disguise their buses. Around here, it's sometimes hard to tell a public bus from a private one because they're covered top to bottom with art.

Janney said...

Oh yeah, I'd do buses. Competition is pretty tight though! but thanks :)

Luarna said...

Again soo impressed. Glad oyu quoted high. your work is worth every cent. Gotta stop ripping yourself off.