Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Makin stuff.

Catherines in an Easter production this Friday and Sunday. Shes a mouse, so I made her the outfit to go with the mask theyve given her. I think theyll make cool pygamas once the show is over.

And I crocheted myself a snood. Well that's what Mum calls it, but I only have her word to go by. I've seen alot of them on the net, and decided to make one for this winter coming up. Speaking of which, we seem to be having an early one, so glad I got the wood chopped up before the cold set in. (Not that I can use it for this winter, but at least I'm not out in the freezing cold trying to cut it).

Holidays are going well. Looking forward to going to the bach second week of the hols, and Catherines looking forward to the easter egg hunt.

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