Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I had a bit of a thought. Contentment all depends on where we place our hope. I realised this when I had 5 little pots of dirt which I carefully sowed cabbage, leek and cauliflour seeds. I congratulated myself on the money I had saved buying seeds instead of plants and looked forward to planting them all out into the garden ready for a winter harvest.

Then came along Catherine and sprinkled grass seed into them, and now I have 5 trays of grass whch smothered the seedlings.

Hope. If you place our hope in this life your gonna be dissapointed. Eventualy everything breaks, rots or dies.

I had another one of my gardening dreams last night. I was picking fresh cellery and beans to give to someone. I told Mum and she said "Gardens need weeding". (Ever positive my Mum). I said "I don't weed in my dreams". "Youre dreaming of heaven." she said.

I hope so, coz that means it's gonna be good.


dcpeg said...

Oh, how disappointing! Did it take all your strength to not throttle Catherine? She looks so happy about what she did, I can imagine all you could do was laugh. Is it too late to start more seeds? Perhaps there planting and care should be Catherine's job!

Janney said...

yea, I guess I'm being a bit melodramatic. I'll just have to go to the garden centre and buy some seedlings.

Luarna said...

Sounds like Catherine needs her own little garden. I bet she'd love the responsibility. then she can grow as much grass as she likes. Am I weird? I love weeding.

Janney said...

Come and weed my garden then lol :)