Monday, January 3, 2011


Well, I have to say, 2010 was the biggest non-event ever~ I started our christmas newsletter with the words "As another christmas approaches we are amazed at he speed this year has gone by. It seems we were only just clelbrating Christmas 2009 and here we are again!"...and it's so true! Where did it go??

And more importantly, what was tho point of it? I just thought to myself.... 'what a waist'. So what needed to change? I asked myself. Well. I 'm really good at making life changing proclaimations on this blog, but this time I'm thinking it's for real.

For example, one of the reasons last year was a non-event was that I spent half of it staring at a screen. Honestly, I must have checked my email 40 times a day last year. So, for now, I am rationing myself to half an hour each day on the computer. ( I am currently sitting here writing this down on a piece of paper to type out later on). This may change a bit later, but while I'm on holdiay, that's the rule!

Also - I spent the whole year flogging that dead horse I call my business. I can't tell you how much stress and time goes int this thing that make me Z IPPO dollars. I basically work so I can afford to work! I've told my customers I'm on holiday until the 1st of Feb and I seriously considered chucking the whole thing in, stripping the signwriting off my van, closing my website and just tell people the truth "I'm a stay at home Mum". The only thing really stopping me, was telling my Uncle, who has really been helping me and encouraging me and giving me advice last year. How to tell him? I thought. I know... I'll say I'm downsizing to just selling my decals online. But wait a minute.... that's actually a great idea! Cancel my insurance and phone line and if I want a holiday just take my listings off the net. Brilliant!!

Another scary thing was telling my clients I was closing down. But are they really going to throw themselves off a bridge if I tell them that? Nope - they'll barely worry at all! I've just got to do it all official and set a date and let them all know at once and no turning back!

So as you can see, this life-changing proclaimation might be for real this time, and I feel alot happier right now. My new years resolution was to loose weight, (lol!) but subconciously I made the decision not to let 2011 slip by another waisted year.

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