Wednesday, January 5, 2011

folk you.

I just about stripped off the signwriting on my van today, with aspirations of adding a big PEACE sign. Why? because throughout the last few years while I've been thrashing away miserably at my business, I kept saying to myself "One day I'm going to ditch this stinkin work, dread my hair, rip all the signwriting off this van, spray paint a big peace sign on the side and cruise around New Zealand eating 2 minute noodles."
Well, my aspirations are almost taking place to a degree anyhow. Maybe someday is sooner than later. Ok, not exactly like that... I mean, I've contacted my Uncle to see what he thinks about me downsizing my business. Stage one: tick. And if this all goes ahead I won't be meeting clients anymore, so I may as well strip off all the signwriting. And you know what? One of the cool things about being a signwriter is that you can signwrite your car as many times as you want, all for the price of the vinyl....FUN. So what about a big peace sign, even if it's just for the coming folk festival? Just a thought. Mother would not approve.... (and all the more incentive to do it grrrr).


Mark said...

I'm lovin the big peace sign idea.

Luarna said...

DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND A BIG TOADY!!!!!!!!!!!!