Sunday, December 26, 2010

two old friends

I got Catherine a barbie for christmas, and now my old barbies are making friends with the new one. And I decided to look out my old barbie clothes, alot them hand made, including a couple from my friend Luarna when she was young. I don't know if you remember making this skirt Luarna, but I still have it and now its being played with all over again>

Also, my friend Teresa and I cellebrated our 20 years of friendship this year, and at the very last moment we cellebrated by making and decorating a cake. Execpt Teresa had to rush off to midnight mass so she left her figuirine a bit rushed. "Please don't put this on face book" she said. So I asked her if I could put it on my blog and here it is. Next year we will cellebrate our 21st and give it another go and try and give ourselves more time. We decided to do me and her sitting back to back. I did her, and she did me. Cute!


Mark said...

What a great way to celebrate with a friend. Artists!
Looks great

dcpeg said...

I just LOVE that you celebrate the anniversary of your friendship! What a great idea.

As for Barbie -- I'm kinda glad I was too old when she first appeared on the market. She's so "glam" that I would have felt awful. "Betsy-Wetsy" was more my speed. ;-}