Sunday, December 5, 2010

happy birthday... oh... and Merry Christmas!

Like our budget advent calender? I was going to purchase one, but decided against it... then Catherine has started asking me the last 2 days if Santa is coming tomorrow... so I made this. We will be crossing each day off I guess. Not that I couldn't have afforded to spend $3 on a proper one.... I didn't want to be in debt this year, so I saved up for Christmas by about March this time! But I'm putting into practice the truth thathat ya don't need money to be happy. A calender for christmas written in vivid is just fine, and I'm sure Catherine's gonna love it.

As for other stuff, I just had my 32nd birthday. I spent the day up at the bach and took a photo of me and my birthday rose. The story goes that Dad took a bunch of these to Mum at the hospital when I was born, and the matron commented on Dad's roses out of all the storebought bunches. I thought better get a photo of them in case they die or something, then I've got a record... coz actually, I don't even know their name!

Also, at the bach I took a photo of this letterbox. There were heaps of other cool ones, but felt a bit rude stopping the car to photograph them. People might wonder what I'm doing! But this is one of my favourite things about rural kiwi life... interesting letterboxes!

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