Monday, November 29, 2010

Philosophy for FREE

Look what I discovered on the net. A series of lectures you can listen to on ITunes from an Oxford proffessor on Philosophy. Question "Define COOL"!!!!
Here's the link
I have a natural bent towards this kind of thing . I remember as a kid asking my Dad questions like "How do we know we exist? How do we know we are not just the figment of someone elses imagination or a part of somebody eles dream?". Dad used to laugh and say I should be a philosopher when I grew up. He also used to laugh at my questions and say things like "Plato answered that in the year (dot)" and "nothing new has been discovered, they've all been answered over the years" which kinda put a damper on my questioning.... but I am discovering I still find this stuff really interesting.
On another note, though similar, I've finally got my head around another concept Catherines Dad managed to pass onto my subconcious reasoning which I am now attempting to REMOVE.
It goes like this:
"Why can't I do what I want? I should be able to say or do anything I please and you should just accept it. It's not me that's's the universe for not letting me do anything I want without it affecting other people. I should be able to say the cruelist things and it should just wash off your back like water off a duck."
DIE, DIE, DIE oh untruth.
Of course it was never verbalised like that, which is why I've only just been able to grasp the concept. I'm glad I have now summerised it into a concept I can now DISTROY within myself. And move on. A little bit more.

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