Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm grateful

Just came home and found deep gashes in my computer monitor. But you know what, I'm grateful I even have a computer and can afford the internet. I'm grateful I had a sermon almost entirely tailored to me what I prayed tonight for God to help me with my bent towards greed and ingratitude and the whole sermon was on generousity.
Also, yesterday, our antique sewing machine belonging to Nana (my mum) that was given to her by her parents has been tampered with by sticky little fingers and a screw is now missing which will mean another $110 repair fee if they can find the part at all.... but you know I'm still grateful that I can sew at all. That I have fingers and eye sight, and the luxury of sewing for a hobbie when there are super-talented people in Asia slaving away in factories painting eye-dots on plastic Mcdonalds toys.
I'm grateful that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Once again, I'm thankful for tonights sermon. That generousity blesses the giver as well as the reciever and that when we give to others of our time, money, resources, attention he gives us enough for them and ourselves.
And, yes, I guess I'm grateful just to have a daughter at all.... destructive habbits and all.

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